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July 06, 2011


rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron

geodon online

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Richard F. Sands

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Robert Holt

A good article and a good read that clearly explains Activeink's position on the iPad. I would urge you to consider that there might be a large customer base that does not have the need for extensive handwriting, perhaps only capturing a signature. The lack of portablility to other platforms is forcing us to find alternatives. It kills us because ActiveInk is so easy to use and is a true rapid deployment tool.


We agree with this opinion, that's why we have developed a web-enabled version of Active Ink that omits handwriting recognition and can be viewed by all platforms. Unfortunately, the Ipad is still not a good platform for capturing signatures either. This is due to its lack of an active digitizing stylus. Using your finger or the crude, rubber tipped after-market styli that are available for the Ipad produces crude results and often forces you to zoom the image way up and write in oversized letters.

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